For 29 years, Utilities Employees Credit Union has consistently received the 5-Star “Superior” Rating from Bauer Financial Inc., an independent firm that analyzes banks and credit unions. To achieve this status, every quarter in which it has been ranked, Utilities Employees Credit Union has been assessed as having the highest ranking level in capital adequacy, asset quality and stability.

BauerFinancial Inc recommends those credit unions rated either 5-Star or 4-Star on a zero-to-five-star scale. These credit unions are deemed safe, financially sound credit unions that are operating well above their regulatory requirements. Bauer classifies each ranked U.S. credit union through a complex formula based on factors including capital, historical performance trends, loan delinquencies and charge-offs, investment portfolio quality, capital reserves, regulatory compliance, and total asset quality. The Bauer Financial Star Ratings Scale uses five levels for credit union ranking: Superior (5 Stars), Excellent, Adequate, Problematic, and Troubled (1 Star). Information about Bauer Financial and its standards for evaluating financial institutions is available on their website at

Utilities Employees Credit Union holds a Superior Rating from IDC Financial Publishing, Inc., an independent firm that provides key performance measurement data for government-reporting financial institutions across the country. IDC Financial Publishing, Inc. calculates a one-number quality rank for each institution along with over 35 key financial ratios. There are six categories: Superior (200-300), Excellent (165-199), Average (125-164), Below Average (75-124), and Lowest Ratios (2-74) and Rank One. The analysis is based on the financial information each institution reports to the Federal Government.

Credit unions rated Superior are classified as the best in all measures. On average, they have the strongest capital ratios, the best asset quality, and are the most profitable. Many of these institutions demonstrate an ability to generate a core return on net worth (ROE) above cost of net worth (COE). For more information about IDC Financial Publishing, Inc. please visit their website at

Notice of the Annual Meeting

The Annual Membership Meeting will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, March 26, 2020, at the Utilities Employees Credit Union office, 11 Meridian Boulevard, Wyomissing, PA. The agenda will include the election of Directors and reports by the Board of Directors, the President, and Committees. Nominations for Director vacancies will be submitted by the Nominating Committee. Nominations may also be made by petition signed by 1% of the members and may be submitted to the Secretary at the Credit Union no later than February 14, 2020. Please contact Bret Krevolin, Secretary, for details on the nominating petition process. The election of Directors will be conducted at the Annual Meeting, and nominations from the floor are not permitted by the bylaws.


Fee Schedule Information

Effective August 1, 2019 – Changes are shaded.
Rewards Checking PLUSA $500 minimum daily balance is required to avoid a monthly fee of $10. Minimum balance fee will be waived if a total of $500 in electronic deposits is made to your Rewards Checking PLUS during the month. Please Note: the Rewards Checking is a free alternative that has no minimum daily balance requirement or monthly fee.
Green Light Checking™A $12 monthly service fee. No minimum balance requirement.
Advantages Money Market Savings™A $2,500 minimum daily balance is required to avoid a monthly fee of $10. A $10 excess transaction fee will be charged for each check, draft or debit card payment, above the regulatory limit of six, which posts to your account in a monthly statement cycle.
Deposited Item Returned Unpaid (check, ACH) $15.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)
(check, debit item, ACH or other electronic debit)
(per presentment)
Advantages Overdraft Defense™
(check, debit item, ACH or other electronic debit)
(per presentment)
Overdraft Transfer
(per day used from Savings, PLOC, VISA®)
ACH Exception
(Item posted with exception due to incorrect account information. Fee charged for each occurrence after 30 days from date of notification)
Replacement Copy of Statement (per copy) $5.00
Stop Payment*
(check, ACH, withdrawal check, loan check, Treasurer’s Check)
Replacement Withdrawal Check $15.00
Copies of Member Checks
(per check – after 12 free per year)
Temporary Checks (set of 4) $2.00
Check Printing Charges $ depends on quantity/style
Excess Transactions for Savings Accounts** $10.00 (per item)
Savings Withdrawal by Check
(per check after 15 free per year)
Treasurer’s Check $5.00
Copy of Withdrawal Check or Treasurer’s Check $10.00
Dormant Account^ $15.00 per quarter
Unclaimed Funds
(Statement undeliverable during consecutive 12-month period — member is responsible for updating address with credit union OR a closed account check not cashed within six months).
Escheat $100.00
Direct IRA Transfer $35.00
Account Balance/Deposit Written Verification $5.00 (per item)
Incoming Wire Transfer Service $5.00 (per transfer)

*A stop can only be placed on a Treasurer’s Check if lost or stolen.

**There is a fee for check withdrawals and transfers from a savings account exceeding the Federal Regulation D limit of six (6) per monthly statement period.

  Refer to your Account Agreement and Disclosures for complete details.

^No member generated activity in last 12 months and aggregate deposit account balance is less than $1000, unless under age 25 or member has an active Loan, IRA or Certificate of Deposit, or if member lives in an active Household.

Loan Re-document
Payoff Request (faxed or mailed) $30.00
Expedited Mail Service See Miscellaneous Fees
Returned Loan or Visa Convenience Check $25.00
Loan or Visa Payment Returned Unpaid
(check, ACH)
Loan Disbursement by Wire Transfer $20.00 per transfer
Loans Secured with Multiple Deeds $150.00
per additional deed
Loan Modification
(term, payment and/ or rate)
Satisfaction of Mortgage Fee
when refinancing HE Term Loan or HELOC with another lender
Refinance UECU Loan
– Refinance HE Term Loan or HELOC (with less than $10,000.00 new money).
– Refinance HE Term Loan or HELOC during first six months.
Subordination/ Release of Lien Agreement $ 150.00 per agreement
Loan Modification
(term, payment and/ or rate)
Refinance UECU Loan
Term Loan (less than $5,000.00 new money)
Telephone (TEL) Loan Payment
First two payments are free. Fee will be assessed for each payment over two unless, you have written authorization on file.
Loan Related Fees will be assessed at time of service and may be financed.
Debit Card (ATM) FEES
Replacement Card Fee (per card) $5.00
Expedited Card Delivery $30.00
Copy of Debit Card Sales Draft $12.00
Notice: A charge may be imposed on debit card transactions by a.) the automated teller machine (ATM) operator, if the member initiates a transaction from an ATM that is not operated by the institution issuing the card and b.) by any national, regional or local network used to complete the transaction.
Account Forfeiture Fee
Account closed within 45 days due to incomplete member documentation or no member transactions within six months.
$5.00 plus dividends paid and accrued
Unlocated Member (bad address) $10.00
Levy, Attachment, Garnishment, Writ, or other legal process $75.00
Research Fee (1 hour minimum) $25.00 per hour
Duplicate Tax Form $5.00
Expedited Mail Service (where available)†:
Monday through Friday 2nd-day delivery $27.00
Monday through Friday Standard Overnight $35.00
Monday through Friday Priority Overnight $40.00
Saturday Delivery Priority Overnight $45.00


Additional fees  will apply for delivery outside the contiguous United States.

Fees will be deducted from the member’s account at the time of service.

Additional fees could be charged if you utilize services not listed on this website.

Message from the President

Coming Soon – New Digital Experience for 2020

UECU is reinventing your digital credit union experience. We’re working to improve your financial life today and to create the banking tools that will continue to make your life easier.

Get Ready!

  • Take UECU anywhere – Take care of your banking any time – wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you. You’ll get the same consistent experience on all of your devices.
  • You’re in control – With your new one-stop digital banking experience, you’ll be able to manage all of your UECU accounts, as well as your external financial accounts from one convenient platform. You’ll have the tools to help you easily manage your accounts, pay your bills, track your spending, control your overall budget, set up custom alerts, make P2P payments to your friends and family, and more!
  • Be ready for the future – UECU’s new digital experience opens the door to a world of services at your fingertips. As a UECU member, you’ll benefit from the newest features as soon as they’re available.

“We’re excited to announce that enhancements to your virtual banking services will be coming in the summer of 2020. We’re building a digital foundation to deliver the experience you deserve now and into the future. Come on the journey with us as we reinvent your digital credit union experience together. We’ll be with you step by step to help you prepare for a smooth transition. And, we’ll continue to provide updates along the way – be sure to check our website and your UECU email for special announcements. ”


Bret Krevolin

Fraud and Identity Theft Protection

Stay Informed and Take Charge
Protect Yourself from Fraud and Identity Theft

Protecting your identity has become a challenging task. Hackers have continued to find new and creative ways to access your personal information. Many people feel vulnerable because they may have had their account information or identity stolen at some point. While there isn’t one sure way to prevent identity theft, there are actions you can take to minimize the risk.

UECU is here to help. We now offer an online resource center where you can find information and tips on protecting your identity, avoiding phishing scams, guarding your personal information and more! As a UECU member, you have access to the entire suite of identity theft and fraud prevention resources included below:

Additional Resources

  • Monitor Your Credit Union Accounts – Review your banking transactions daily with Advantages Online™ banking and mobile banking. Set up alerts for specific account activities with E-Notifications™. To get started, log into your account with Advantages Online™.
  • Protect Your Identity with Norton™ Lifelock™ – UECU members receive a discount with promo code: uecu To enroll, visit
  • Receive a FREE Credit Report – To receive your free credit report, visit or call 1-877-322-8228.
  • Complete our CueItUp e-course for Identity Protection; visit the CueItUp webpage and select Building Financial Capability, and then choose Identity Protection.
  • Complete our CueItUp e-course for Credit Scores and Reports; visit the CueItUp webpage and select Building Financial Capability, and then choose Credit Scores and Reports.
  • Click here to review our Identity Theft Information Guide

Card Fraud Protection


Card fraud is an ongoing problem that requires consumers and financial institutions to remain informed and vigilant. While debit and credit cards provide the convenience of point of sale purchases, online shopping and cash withdrawals at the ATM, these types of transactions also expose you to the risk of fraud. This is why UECU takes precautions to protect members’ debit and credit card accounts. To find out how, read below. You will also find additional tips for protecting yourself from card fraud.

How UECU Protects You

UECU is committed to safeguarding members’ financial safety and we monitor your credit and debit cards 24/7 for possible fraudulent activity. When we notice unusual or repetitive purchases suggesting criminals may have fabricated cards using stolen card information, one measure is to temporarily reduce our UECU cards’ daily purchase limits at certain retailer types in a geographic region. This safeguards individual cardholders and protects the credit union as a whole from absorbing greater fraud losses that would reduce the profits we return to our membership.

There are times a member’s card usage may be temporarily suspended when suspicious purchase details are flagged – such as a large dollar amount or a geographic location that is atypical for that individual. This allows UECU time to contact the cardholder to verify the purchase or identify it as fraud. For this reason, you will want to notify UECU when you plan to travel out of the country or are about to make a large-ticket purchase. It’s also essential to keep your contact information current with UECU by updating your Account Profile in Advantages Online™ home banking or calling our Member Service team at 1-800-288-6423. The home or cell phone number you have on-file will be used to alert you of any suspected fraud noticed on your UECU cards.

Tips For Protecting Yourself

  • Safeguard Your Card Information
    Use your card online and in-person only with trusted retailers and shield your plastic card from view when using it in public. Never relinquish your card information (card number, expiration date or security code) in response to an unsolicited e-mail, text message or phone call. Even if the solicitation appears to be generated from a reputable retailer or financial institution, do not respond. UECU will never contact you by phone, email, or by cell phone text message to request your personal information.
  • Monitor Your Debit and Credit Card Accounts – Look for Warning Signs
    Keep an eye out for unusual credit or debit card purchases by checking your UECU VISA® and account statements and reviewing your transactions using Advantages Online™ home or mobile banking. Make a habit of checking your account online and account statements frequently. You can also set up email and text E-Notifications™ in home banking to receive automatic alerts of ATM or purchase transactions over a certain dollar threshold. Notifications can also be set up by using merchant key words. So set up email and text E-Notifications™, sign into Advantages Online™ and click the services tab.An additional way to protect your credit is to monitor your credit report. Members can obtain a free credit report from each of the three credit bureaus, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian, once per year. You can obtain a total of three credit reports each year. To ensure that you are monitoring your credit report frequently, request a free credit report once every four months. To access a free copy of your credit report, visit AnnualCreditReport.comWhile reviewing your credit report, look for possible fraudulent activity, this may include:


    • Credit cards or lines of credit that you did not apply for
    • Requests or inquiries for credit that you did not make
    • Information on your credit report that is inaccurate; addresses or account information

If you do notice suspicious activity, report it to the credit bureau immediately.

  • Protect Your Card at the ATM
    Check out your surroundings as you approach the ATM; make sure that nothing looks suspicious. Look at the machine to make sure that it appears to be well maintained and up to date. Also, be aware of anyone that could be approaching you to obtain your card information, such as someone reading over your shoulder. Touch the card reader before you insert your debit card, if it feels lose or as though it has been tampered, do not insert your card. If the card reader appears to be in-tact, complete your transaction, remove your card and be sure to retrieve your receipt. Never leave the receipt behind at the ATM; receipts should always be shredded as they may contain confidential card information.
  • Lost and Stolen Cards – React Immediately
    In the event that your credit or debit card information is lost or stolen, it is extremely important that you react quickly. This reduces the potential that your card information could be compromised. As soon as you notice that the card has been lost or stolen, you should contact the retailer or financial institution that issued the card to you. This is why it is necessary to write down or store the 1-800 numbers that are printed on the back of each of your debit/credit cards. UECU members also receive extra security and built-in global assistance services with their VISA Power Card™ and Advantages VISA Check Card™. During UECU’s business hours, you may report a lost or stolen card by calling us at 1-800-288-6423. If your card is lost or stolen after UECU’s regular business hours or while traveling internationally, contact Visa Global Customer Assistance Services. From the U.S. or Canada: Direct-dial +1.800.847.2911 From Outside the U.S. or Canada: Direct-dial or call collect with operator assistance +1.303.967.1096. Alternatively, Visa Global Customer Assistance numbers can be found online by visiting and searching for “Lost Card.”
  • Learn More
    Visit the UECU website periodically for additional tips and information regarding card fraud. For additional facts and resources, visit the following websites:


    • National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Fraud Information Center Current news and updates on recent scams that could affect credit union members.
    • NCUA Division of Consumer Affairs
      Information on protecting your finances and avoiding fraud is included in this online collection of financial tools and educational resources for credit union members.

Annual Reports


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