Utilities Employees Credit Union is committed to ensuring that our members have reliable access to our products and services. We work hard to ensure that our online, mobile, telephone, ATM, in-person services, and access to information are accessible to those with disabilities. Our Member Services Team is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8AM to 5PM EDT at 800-288-6423. Our Member Services Team can be contacted on Wednesdays from 8AM to 3:30PM EDT.

Branch Accessibility:

Our branch in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania is designed to meet all federal, state and local standards for accessibility. Accessibility features at our branches include:

  • Exterior: Adequately spaced parking spaces, automated doors, signage, slopes and grading
  • Interior: Member Advocates stationed near the doors, accessible teller windows

Visitors who have difficulty entering or navigating our branches may request assistance from our Member Advocates or any branch employee. We also welcome service animals.

Online Chat:

We also offer online chat through our website for members who prefer to communicate with us through those channels.


For members who have difficulty visiting a branch or using the phone, Utility Employees Credit Union’s online and mobile channels serve as a useful alternative to access our products and services. Utilities Employees Credit Union maintains mobile and browser application compatibility with industry standards and guidelines. To improve your web experience, we recommend utilizing your operating system or browser’s native accessibility tools. Learn more about the browsers we support. We’re continuing to update our mobile and online platforms to provide greater accessibility.

Accessible features include:

  • adaptable website content with Android™, iOS®1 accessible user interface
  • mobile apps compatible with Android™ & iOS®1 accessibility software
  • UECU’s Personal Access Line (PAL™) – Audio response system providing access to balances, transfers, and savings,checking and loan accounts.
  • keyboard-accessible links
  • color contrast for users with vision impairments
  • text hierarchy to distinguish headlines from content and notation text
  • descriptive links
  • online chat
  • captioned multimedia

Bank by Phone Service


Call 800-278-6725 or 610-927-4015

PAL is a UECU’s Personal Access Line, giving you access to your accounts all day, every day. First time PAL Users: You will need your UECU member account number and your social security number so that you can choose an access code. Going forward, you will use your member account number and access code for secure PAL access.

Important PAL Information

Knowing your share and loan ID numbers will make PAL much easier to use. Share and loan ID numbers can be found on a recent statement or by signing into Advantages Online Home or Mobile Banking. They are 2-digit numerical codes that start with S for share, and L for loan.

  • The word “Target” is used to define an external account that you have linked to your UECU account.
  • Enter amounts in dollars and cents. For example, enter “15000” for $150.00.
  • When you complete a transaction in PAL, you will be given a confirmation code.
  • For quicker future access to menu items you use most frequently, change your PAL experience to Expert Mode and use the codes below. After entering your account number and access code, press the following sequence to change from the General menu to the Expert menu: 3 – 6 – 2 – 2 – 1.

PAL Expert Menu Guide, Press:

10 – Checking balance
11 – Savings balance
13 – Open share list
14 – Open loan list
21 – Check history
22 – Check number history
25 – Check number range
26 – Operator
31 – Savings to checking transfer
32 – Savings to loan transfer
33 – Checking to savings transfer
34 – Checking to loan transfer
35 – Loan to checking transfer
36 – Loan to savings transfer
37 – Share to share transfer
40 – Loan balance
41 – Loan payment inquiry
42 – Loan payment history
45 – Loan history
46 – Loan advance
50 – Last payroll deposit
51 – Last deposit
52 – Deposit history
53 – ATM history
54 – ACH history
55 – Electronic deposit history
56 – Debit card history
57 – Point of sale history
58 – Credit card history
60 – IRA contribution
61 – Dividend information
62 – Change your access code
63 – Change to menu mode
66 – Change language
71 – Target deposit inquiry
73 – Check to home
74 – Target deposit
90 – Replay menu
98 – Operator
99 – Exit PAL

PAL’s General Menu Guide is below:

PAL General Menu Guide:

NOTE: General navigation options within the following menus include:

Replay current menu – Press 9
Return to the previous menu – Press #
Transfer to an Operator – Press 0
Exit PAL – Press *

Initial Menu:

Press 1: Balance Inquiries
1 – Checking
2 -Savings
3 – Loan
4 – Open share list (all share balances)
5 – Open loan list (all loan balances)
Press 2: Withdrawals
1 – Check to home
3 – Target deposit
4 – Target deposit inquiry
Press 3: Main Menu

Main Menu

Press 1: Balance Inquiries
1 – Checking
2 -Savings
3 – Loan
4 – Open share list (all share balances)
5 – Open loan list (all loan balances)


Press 2: Check Information
1 – Check history
2 – Check number inquiry
3 – Check number range

Press 3: Transfer Menu
2 -Savings to checking
3 – Savings to loan
4 – Checking to savings
5 – Checking to loan
7 – Loan to savings
8 -Share to share

Press 4: Loan Information
1 – Balance
2 – Payment inquiry
3 – Payment history
5 – Open loan list (all loan balances)
6 – Loan history

Press 5: History Inquiry
1 – Payroll history
2 – Last Deposit
3 – Deposit History
4 – ATM History
5 – ACH History
6 – Recent Activity Menu
     1 – Checking history
     6 – Debit card history
     7 – Credit card history
     8 – Point of sale history

Press 6: Additional Options
1 – Year To Date – For Year To Date Information
     1 – IRA Contributions
     2 – Dividend information
2 – Change Preferences Menu
     1 – Change your Access Code
     2 – Change to expert Mode
     3 – Change Language

Press 7: Withdrawals
1 – Check to home
2 – Target deposit
3 – Target deposit inquiry


Please call 800-288-6423 during normal business hours to talk to a Member Service Representative. We’ll be glad to help!

Suggestions for Improvement:

If you have suggestions for how Utilities Employees Credit Union could better serve you, please contact us.

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