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Important Changes to Your UECU Visa® Credit Card

Changes Effective October 15, 2018

On October 15, 2018, we partnered with a new credit and debit card processor. This new partnership enables us to continue to provide the highest level of service to our cardholders, with a faster turnaround time for card processing and enhanced card fulfillment services. Please take some time to read the information below, as it explains how your UECU Visa Credit Card has been impacted.

If you have a Visa Power Card™, Flex HELOC, or Home Equity Visa Platinum Account with Multiple Cards, here is some important information you should know…
  • Primary and joint cardholders, as well as authorized users, received new Visa credit cards in the mail in early October. Your new cards have a new look and the same great benefits.

  • Each card now has a unique card number, and a new expiration date and security code (three digits on the back of the card).

  • Each cardholder can now activate their new card and begin using it. To activate, simply call the number included on the activation sticker.

  • Your old cards were deactivated on Monday, October 15, 2018.

  • Each cardholder will be able to select their new PIN when they call to activate their card.

  • You’ll need to update your card information for recurring payments (some common merchants include cell phone, cable, satellite radio, insurance companies, highway toll accounts, gyms, etc.)

  • You’ll need to update your mobile wallet with your new card information.

  • Please note that the interest rate, account terms, and payment date for your Visa account will not change. You’ll also continue to receive the same great benefits and rewards with your new Visa credit cards.

  • Joint cardholders will continue to receive one Visa statement/bill from UECU.


If you have a Single Visa Power Card™, Flex HELOC, or Home Equity Visa Platinum Card, here is some important information you should know…
  • You can continue to use your Visa credit card; however, your PIN changed on Monday, October 15, 2018.
  • We assigned a new PIN, which we mailed to you in late September.
  • You have the option of keeping your new PIN or changing it to something you can easily remember. If you decide to keep your newly assigned PIN, there is nothing you need to do, simply start using it for your PIN purchases and ATM transactions. If you decide to change your PIN, you can do so by calling the number included in your PIN mailer. You'll need to enter the new PIN that was mailed to you before you can select your custom PIN.

Additional Cardholder Information

Advantages Visa Debit Cards™, HSA Visa Debit Cards, and Quick Cash Cards
If you have an Advantages Visa Debit Card™, HSA Visa Debit Card, or a Quick Cash Card, nothing changed. You can continue to use your existing cards. 

Credit Card Payments
The due date for the Visa Power Card™, Flex HELOC Card, and Home Equity Visa Platinum Card will remain the 10th of the month. You can continue making your payments through Advantages Online™, the UECU Mobile Banking App, by calling the Credit Union at 800.288.6423 or mailing the payment to:
          Utilities Employees Credit Union
          Attn: Visa Department
          P.O. Box 66702
          St. Louis, MO 63166-6702

Please note that joint cardholders will continue to receive one statment/bill from UECU.

Fraud Protection
For your protection, we monitor your UECU Visa debit and credit card transactions 24/7. If we detect suspicious activity on your cards, we’ll notify you by phone or text message. To help safeguard your UECU accounts, it’s also good to review your daily purchases and payments through Advantages Online™ and the UECU Mobile Banking App. If you notice something suspicious, contact the Credit Union immediately at 800.288.6423.

Card Controls Service
With UECU’s Card Controls service, you can easily turn your Visa debit and credit cards off or on, and submit a travel notification to the Credit Union. To access Card Controls, log into the UECU Mobile Banking App or Advantages Online™.

Visa Purchase Alerts
To help reduce fraud and monitor your spending, you can also set up real-time text or email alerts for your UECU Visa debit and credit cards. You can choose to receive alerts when your Visa cards are used for purchases over a specified dollar amount, online transactions, purchases outside the United States, and more. To sign up for Visa Purchase Alerts, click below.

Visa Purchase Alert Button

Visa Credit Card Benefits and Rewards
If you received a new Visa credit card, you will not lose the VantagePoints™ you accumulated with your old card. Your points will transfer to your new card. You will also continue to receive the same card benefits, for more information, click here.

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