We are currently experiencing an issue with visa debit card transactions. Cardholders attempting to make PIN-based purchases with their Advantages Visa® Debit Card™ are getting declined. Visa is estimating that the issue will be resolved by tomorrow, October 16th.  We encourage you to select “Credit” at checkout and sign for your purchase so that it does not get declined.


We apologize for the inconvenience. We are currently working with Visa to get this resolved as quickly as possible.


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Virtual Electronic Signature Service

Receive your funds faster with DocuSign

Image of DocuSign signatureWith Docusign you’ll receive your loan documents via a secure email and sign them electronically. It also provides the following:

  • An easy to use electronic signing process that means never missing a signature again. You will be prompted step-by-step throughout the process.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your documents are not lost in the mail.
  • One more way to save paper and keep your environment "green."

Docusign Product Features:

Docusign is another great convenience option that UECU offers you. It allows you to receive your documents via a secure email and will prompt you step-by-step on how to sign your loan documents electronically. Once your documents are received we can deposit those funds directly to your UECU account of choice and you will have immediate access!!

What are you waiting for? Next time you apply for a loan with UECU ask to receive your loan documents through DocuSign “The fastest way to get a signature!”

  • No fee
  • Docusign is available for:
    • Personal Loans
    • Share Secured Loans
    • Vehicle Loans (original signed DMV form may be required)
    • Boat Loans
    • Home Equity Loans
  • Safe and secure - tamper proof signing process with ID verification
  • Easy to use - prompts member step-by-step on how to sign documents electronically
  • Faster access to loan proceeds - funds can be directly deposited to the members UECU account
  • Convenience allows members to receive their documents anywhere they can access email

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