Member Loyalty Bonus™

Over $5.3 Million Awarded to UECU Members Since 2011!

In 2016, more members chose UECU as their trusted financial partner and used the Credit Union’s savings and loan products. To thank you for your loyalty, we have distributed another Member Loyalty Bonus™^. On December 31, 2016, UECU paid almost $600,000 to members - bringing the grand total of member give-back to over $5.3 Million since the program began in 2011. While we can’t guarantee a bonus every year, we are pleased to issue another one for the sixth consecutive year.

Since UECU is a not-for-profit financial institution owned by its members, not a bank owned by stockholders, we are able to return profits back to YOU. As a member, you benefit from the Credit Union’s success. And, you have the ability to increase your bonus by using more of the Credit Union’s loans and savings products.

We calculate your bonus by taking the interest you earned on your savings accounts and paid on your loans during the calendar year, and multiply that by the bonus percentage (the 2016 bonus percentage was 3%). If you originated a mortgage with UECU in 2016, we also added another $100 to your year-end bonus. To find out the amount you received for your Member Loyalty Bonus™, check your December Member Statement or sign into Advantages Online™.

In addition to the Member Loyalty Bonus™ Program, UECU returns profit back to members all year long by offering:

Low fees – You can easily avoid fees with our flexible checking account options and low-cost loans.

Competitive Loan Rates – Save money by transferring high-interest credit card debt to a low-rate Visa® Power Card™, take advantage of our Mortgage specials, refinance an Auto Loan from another financial institution with UECU, borrow smart with a Student Choice Private Student Loan, or use UECU’s Home Equity Loan solutions to pay off debt or make home improvements.

Exceptional Savings Rates – With UECU’s competitive interest rates on savings and retirement accounts, you can watch your hard-earned dollars grow.

VantagePoints™ Rewards - Earn reward points every day with an Advantages Visa Debit Card™ and Visa Power Card™, the points you earn on your purchases* can be redeemed for cash back, loan rate discounts**, and gift cards at many national retailers.

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The Member Loyalty Bonus™ is just one of UECU's many member perks. UECU members enjoy 3 reward programs, incredible savings rates, amazing, affordable loan rates, interest-bearing and FREE checking options, FREE Financial services & low or non-existent fees.


^The Member Loyalty Bonus™ Program rewards members for using eligible UECU loan and deposit products. UECU reserves the right to discontinue, change, or suspend this reward program at any time. For complete program rules, visit

*Transactions must be signature-based; PIN-based transactions do not earn VantagePoints™. Points are earned net of credits.

**VantagePoints™ rate discount can be used on a new loan only and cannot be used on Visa Power Card™, Home Equity Loans, Mortgages, or Lines of Credit.