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Fee Schedule Information

Effective August 1, 2018 - Changes are shaded.
Rewards Checking PLUSA $500 minimum daily balance is required to avoid a monthly fee of $10. Minimum balance fee will be waived if a total of $500 in electronic deposits is made to your Rewards Checking PLUS during the month.
Green Light Checking™A $12 monthly service fee. No minimum balance requirement.
Advantages Money Market Savings™ - A $2,500 minimum daily balance is required to avoid a monthly fee of $10. A $10 excess transaction fee will be charged for each check, draft or debit card payment, above the regulatory limit of six, which posts to your account in a monthly statement cycle.
Deposited Item Returned Unpaid (check, ACH) $15.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)
(check, debit item, ACH or other electronic debit)
(per item)
Advantages Overdraft Defense™
(check, debit item, ACH or other electronic debit)
(per item)
Checking Account Collection $15.00
Overdraft Transfer
(per day used from Savings, PLOC, VISA®)
ACH Exception
(Item posted with exception due to incorrect account information. Fee charged for each occurrence after 30 days from date of notification)
Replacement Copy of Statement (per copy) $5.00
Account History Snapshot (interim statement) $3.00
Stop Payment*
(check, ACH, withdrawal check, loan check, Treasurer's Check)
Stop Payment on a Series of Checks
(checks and loan checks)
Replacement Withdrawal Check $15.00
Copies of Member Checks
(per check - after 12 free per year)

Temporary Checks (set of 4)


Check Printing Charges $ depends on quantity/style

Excess Transactions for Savings Accounts**

$10.00 (per item)

Savings Withdrawal by Check
(per check after 15 free per year)
Treasurer's Check $5.00
Copy of Withdrawal Check or Treasurer's Check $10.00
Dormant Account^ $15.00 per quarter
Unclaimed Funds
(Statement undeliverable during consecutive 12-month period -- member is responsible for updating address with credit union OR a closed account check not cashed within six months).
Escheat $50.00
Direct IRA Transfer $35.00

Account Balance/Deposit Written Verification

$5.00 (per item)

Incoming Wire Transfer Service

$5.00 (per transfer)

*A stop can only be placed on a Treasurer's Check if lost or stolen.
**There is a fee for check withdrawals and transfers from a savings account exceeding the Federal Regulation D limit of six (6) per monthly statement period.
  Refer to your Account Agreement and Disclosures for complete details.
^No member generated activity in last 12 months and aggregate deposit account balance is less than $1000, unless under age 25 or member has an active Loan, IRA or Certificate of Deposit, or if member lives in an active Household.
Loan Re-document
Payoff Request (faxed or mailed) $30.00
Expedited Mail Service 

See Miscellaneous Fees

Returned Loan or Visa Convenience Check $25.00
Loan or Visa Payment Returned Unpaid
(check, ACH)

Loan Disbursement by Wire Transfer

$20.00 per transfer

Loans Secured with Multiple Deeds $150.00
per additional deed
Loan Modification
(term, payment and/ or rate)
Satisfaction of Mortgage Fee
when refinancing HE Term Loan or HELOC with another lender
Refinance UECU Loan
- Refinance HE Term Loan or HELOC (with less than $10,000.00 new money).
- Refinance HE Term Loan or HELOC during first six months.
Subordination/ Release of Lien Agreement $ 150.00 per agreement
Loan Modification
(term, payment and/ or rate)
Refinance UECU Loan
Term Loan (less than $5,000.00 new money)
Telephone (TEL) Loan Payment
First two payments are free. Fee will be assessed for each payment over two unless, you have written authorization on file.

Loan Related Fees will be assessed at time of service and may be financed.

Debit Card (ATM) FEES
Replacement Card Fee (per card) $5.00
Expedited Card Delivery $30.00
Copy of Debit Card Sales Draft $12.00

Notice: A charge may be imposed on debit card transactions by a.) the automated teller machine (ATM) operator, if the member initiates a transaction from an ATM that is not operated by the institution issuing the card and b.) by any national, regional or local network used to complete the transaction.


Account Forfeiture Fee
Account closed within 45 days due to incomplete member documentation or no member transactions.

$5.00 plus dividends paid and accrued
Unlocated Member (bad address) $10.00
Levy, Attachment, Garnishment, Writ, or other legal process $75.00
Research Fee (1 hour minimum) $25.00 per hour
Reconcilement Fee (1 hour minimum) $25.00 per hour
Duplicate Tax Form $5.00

Expedited Mail Service (where available)†:

Monday through Friday 2nd-day delivery $25.00
Monday through Friday Standard Overnight $30.00
Monday through Friday Priority Overnight $35.00
Saturday Delivery Priority Overnight $45.00

Additional fees  will apply for delivery outside the contiguous United States.

Fees will be deducted from the member’s account at the time of service.

Additional fees could be charged if you utilize services not listed on this website.