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Overdraft Protection

Image of woman paying with ease with Overdraft ProtectionYou may never know when you need extra funds available to you, especially when an authorized payment is about to be made. UECU offers you great overdraft protection as a benefit on any Advantages Checking™ Account* or Money Market Savings Account. This protection will help prevent your transactions from getting declined, saving you from embarrassment.

  • Provides an easy and convenient way to make sure your bills or purchases are paid.
  • You can choose the account you would like the transfer to come from.


Overdraft Protection Product Features:

A service that automatically transfers available funds from your selected deposit accounts or credit lines and into your Advantages Checking™ Account to clear an overdrawn item.

  • Items that cause an overdraft include checks, ACH debits and other electronic debits, debit card purchases, and ATM withdrawals
  • You may choose to transfer funds from up to 3 accounts on the following list: Share Savings, Special Savings, Advantages Money Market Savings™, Personal Lines of Credit, and VISA Power Card™ Accounts.
  • You may use multiple accounts (deposit and VISA) to transfer from, however, the Home Equity VISA Platinum card is excluded.
  • You determine order of access if multiple products are selected for protection.
  • A notice of overdraft and fee will be sent to you.
  • Only a $7 fee per each day of occurrence.
  • The transaction and fee appear on combined statement.


Transferring from Share Transferring from VISA or PLOC
  • Exact amount needed to cover overdraft, plus fee is transferred
  • Limit of 6 occurrences per month (Reg D)**
  • Member may cross account numbers (requires additional authorization form)
  • Transfers in $100 increments
  • Finance charges accrue immediately
  • Unlimited transfers allowed monthly
  • Member may cross account numbers for VISA only (requires additional authorization form)
  • Credit product must be current


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*Excluding Alternative Checking

**Federal Regulation D limits the number of transfers from a non-transaction account (Share Savings Account) to six per month. This includes transfers by telephone, fax, internet instruction, as well as overdraft protection transfers to checking. More than six transfers per account, per month, may result in rejection of a transfer or transaction.


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