We are currently experiencing an issue with visa debit card transactions. Cardholders attempting to make PIN-based purchases with their Advantages Visa® Debit Card™ are getting declined. Visa is estimating that the issue will be resolved by tomorrow, October 16th.  We encourage you to select “Credit” at checkout and sign for your purchase so that it does not get declined.


We apologize for the inconvenience. We are currently working with Visa to get this resolved as quickly as possible.


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Overdraft Defense Protection

Image of man paying with ease at counter with Overdraft Defense

Advantages Overdraft Defense™ helps protect you against having your items returned in the event of an inadvertent overdraft of your account by giving you a reserve for emergencies or unexpected situations. There is no fee for having this privilege on your account; you are only charged if you overdraw your account. You do not have Advantages Overdraft Defense™ on your account until you receive written confirmation from us that it has been added to your account.

  • Save money and inconvenience when Advantages Overdraft Defense™ covers the overdraft and the merchant never has reason to charge a fee.
  • Saves embarrassment at point of sale when purchases are covered by your Advantages Overdraft Defense™ limit.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that in the event of an emergency Advantages Overdraft Defense™ will cover your debt when funds are low.

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This service is a privilege offered as an additional benefit of doing business with UECU. It is our pleasure to make this courtesy available to you through Advantages Overdraft Defense™

  • This is a non-contractual service which allows a member’s account to go negative in order to pay an item.
  • Should an overdraft occur, your account will be charged the standard fee of $30 for handling each item even if paid by Advantages Overdraft Defense™.
  • If multiple items are presented against your account on the same day, each item will be assessed the fee.
  • There are no additional fees for having this service, and you only incur charges when Advantages Overdraft Defense™ is used.
  • When your items are paid, this service will save you the embarrassment and inconvenience of a returned item as well as the fee normally charged to you by merchants for items returned to them.
  • Members with existing Overdraft Protection may receive Advantages Overdraft Defense™ only after any Overdraft Protection has been exhausted.
  • Eligible accounts receive overdraft limits from $300 to $750. Accounts become eligible for Advantages Overdraft Defense™ at account opening.
  • Members may access Advantages Overdraft Defense™:
    • Through share draft and ACH transactions
    • At the teller window
    • Using Advantages Online™ and PAL™
  • Members must opt in to receive this service:
    • At the ATM
    • Using a debit card (signature and PIN-based) for an everyday transaction
  • Members cannot use this service for automatic payments to a UECU loan.
  • Members have an option to opt out of the service in its entirety and can ask to be reinstated at UECU’s discretion and subject to certain criteria.
  • Accounts that utilize Advantages Overdraft Defense™ will have 30 days to bring their account to a positive balance. Your next deposit will be used to repay the amount of the overdraft and the normal overdraft fee.
  • The positive balance needs to remain for a minimum period of 24 hours.