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GAP PLUS Car Loan Repayment Protection


In the event of a theft without recovery or the total loss of your vehicle, most auto insurance policies only pay the cash value of the vehicle at the time of the loss. Your remaining loan balance could be much greater than your vehicle's cash value, creating a deficiency of several thousand dollars that you're liable for! What is the "GAP" on your vehicle? You may be surprised by the answer – but with Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP), you don’t have to be panicked.

  • With UECU’s GAP Plus Protection, you can rest easy knowing you may be covered for your remaining auto loan balance when it’s not fully paid by your vehicle insurance.
  • UECU’s GAP Plus Protection is incredibly affordable – usually hundreds of dollars less than you’d pay for GAP coverage from a car dealer or insurance company.
  • Our GAP Plus coverage includes a bonus feature at no extra cost – you’ll receive $1,000 toward your replacement car purchase when you finance it through UECU!
  • GAP Plus Protection is also available for motorcycle loans.

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