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Transfer Funds by Phone

Photo of woman transferring funds via mobile phone

This service provides you the convenience of electronically transferring funds to and from deposit accounts at other financial institutions. Simply pick up the phone and call us.

  • No need to worry about availability of funds. You can easily transfer from other institutions
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your funds were received. No need to worry that your check was lost in the mail

Need help?
Call 800-288-6423

More information about this service:

  • Transfer funds from an outside institution to checking, share savings or make a loan or VISA® payment as needed
  • Transfer funds to an outside institution from checking, share savings, or line of credit 
  • Can be sent as TEL (telephone payment) transaction or pre-authorized transaction
  • No fee for Pre-authorized transactions
  • Pre-authorized transactions require completion of ACH Authorization Agreement
  • First two TEL (telephone) payments are free; after first two fee is $10 per payment
  • “Money In” transactions originated by Credit Union will have a 3 business day hold on amounts over $2500; amounts under $2500 will be available immediately after posting
  • Multiple external accounts may be authorized by completing additional ACH Authorization Agreements
  • Use of service triggers monthly statements which include transfer activity
  • Can receive loan proceeds for new loans
  • Funds are posted on the next business day if the transaction is scheduled on a business day before 1PM EST. Funds are posted in 2 business days if the transaction is scheduled on a business day after 1PM EST.
  • New Accounts - a three day hold will be placed on the full amount of any ACH deposit and subsequent ACH deposits in the next thirty days.