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Direct Deposit / Payroll Deduction

Photo of parents hugging childIf you don’t want to worry about your money getting to UECU, Direct Deposit and/or Payroll Deduction may be just what you are looking for. You may choose to have funds taken directly from your paycheck and deposited to your UECU savings or checking account. Also set up direct deposit or payroll deduction to repay any current UECU loans.

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your funds are available the day you get paid. No need to rush to the bank to make a deposit
  • Convenient payroll deduction makes it easy to save money. You won’t miss the money and you’ll be surprised when you see how much you’ve saved
  • No need to worry about missing a UECU loan payment. With direct deposit or payroll deduction your payments are automatically made on time, every time.

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Direct Deposit / Payroll Deduction Features:

An automated function to deposit funds to a member’s account. Payroll Deduction is available for any member from a UECU partner company. Members may also have direct deposit into their accounts. They should contact their employer to initiate that service.

  • Funds deposited automatically from employer electronically
  • Deposits made on a predetermined schedule
  • Deposits may be made to any UECU deposit account
  • Can make loan payments via payroll deduction or direct deposit
  • Immediate access to funds following deposit