We are currently experiencing an issue with visa debit card transactions. Cardholders attempting to make PIN-based purchases with their Advantages Visa® Debit Card™ are getting declined. Visa is estimating that the issue will be resolved by tomorrow, October 16th.  We encourage you to select “Credit” at checkout and sign for your purchase so that it does not get declined.


We apologize for the inconvenience. We are currently working with Visa to get this resolved as quickly as possible.


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UECU.org | Apple Pay™

Apple Pay


Here's how to use your UECU Visa Power Card™ and Advantages Visa Check Card™ with Apple Pay:

  1. Be sure your iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 has iOS version 8.1 or later
  2. Add your UECU Visa Power Card™ and Advantages Visa Check Card™ to Apple Pay ... it's easy
  3. Pay securely with a single touch at hundreds of thousands of stores and participating apps

To Access UECU's Visa Cardholder FAQ's for Apple Pay, Click Here


An easier way to pay

Utilities Employees Credit Union and Apple Pay™ let you make purchases using iPhone 6® at hundreds of thousands of stores and in participating apps


Pay with a single touch

Simply add your eligible  Visa® Power Card™ or Advantages Visa Check Card™ to Apple Pay. Then, pay for purchases by holding your iPhone 6 near a contactless reader with your finger on TouchID.™ No need to open an app or even wake your phone.



A secure way to pay

Apple Pay on iPhone 6, combines the latest security technology from Apple® and Visa. Every transaction is authorized with TouchID or your passcode.

Payment Apple Pay


Learn more at apple.com

Visit apple.com/apple-pay to see how Apple Pay will change the way you pay