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Since 1934, Utilities Employees Credit Union (UECU) has been providing exclusive financial benefits to America’s utility and energy employees and their families. A full-service, virtual credit union, UECU’s goal is to help workers improve their financial well-being, accumulate wealth, and conveniently manage their finances with 24/7 account access and free financial tools – from wherever they reside today or travel in the future.

UECU Lives the Credit Union Difference

How does UECU offer its membership exclusive financial services like free, interest-bearing checking account options, no annual fee credit cards with amazing rates and rewards, savings rates higher than the national average, loans at rates everyone can afford, fewer and lower fees – and even three member reward programs?

The answer is UECU’s unique business model as a virtual credit union that operates as a financial co-operative. Unlike banks, UECU has no shareholders and is instead owned by its members – so every UECU decision is made with the best interest of the membership in mind. UECU serves a nationwide membership without branches on every corner because we don’t expect you to come to us. We deliver account access to you wherever you are through free online and phone line banking services. While other financial institutions spend money on their branches, UECU chooses to return these funds to our members.

UECU members enjoy the cooperative edge of belonging to a credit union tailored to the workers and families within the utility, energy, and related industry sectors. The more UECU members use their credit union for all their financial needs, the greater the profits returned to the membership. Its cooperative, cost-efficient business model has helped UECU maintain its strong fiscal position among only two percent of U.S. credit unions that consistently receive the A “Excellent” Weiss Rating for financial soundness – and has allowed UECU to offer its members rare financial rewards such as a year-end bonus dividend, totaling as much as $1.2 million.

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